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Jacob Kornhauser

10 Ways To Make A Yankees Fan Mad

New York Yankees fans have a reputation for being all sorts of things. However, doing these 10 things will surely get you on a Yankee fan's bad side. Read More

5 Cubs Who Could Surprise In 2015

Everyone knows players like Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro will have a great impact on the 2015 Cubs season. However, some may not be aware of these fiv players who could make an impact. Read More

Early ST Prediction Of Cubs' 25-Man Roster

The Chicago Cubs should be improved this season based upon an upgraded roster. Here are the 25 players who could be on that roster on Opening Night. Read More

5 Cubs Position Battles To Watch This Spring

The Chicago Cubs have their team pretty much set for 2015, but there are still some positions to be decided. Here are the five most intriguing position battles to watch for this spring. Read More

15 Incredible Movie-Worthy Sports Stories

Hollywood is good at creating compelling sports stories, but the best ones come from events that actually happened. Read More

Top 5 Cubs Storylines for 2015 Spring Training

Excitement is in the air in Chicago and Mesa as the Cubs' season is about to get underway. Here are five storylines to watch for this spring. Read More

5 Reasons Not To Sign Reggie Bush As A Free Agent

Reggie Bush had an illustrious college career and has had a decent career in the NFL. However, at this time, these are five reasons your favorite NFL team should steer clear of him. Read More

Predicting Chicago Cubs' 2015 Opening Day Lineup

On paper, the Chicago Cubs have improved a lot since last offseason. When they actually take the field on Opening Day, this is likely to be their starting lineup. Read More

5 Ways 3-4 Defense Switch Will Benefit Bears

The Chicago Bears are switching to the 3-4 defense and it's going to help them in a number of ways. These are the five biggest. Read More

Cubs Have Legit Hope For Playoff Berth In 2015

Nobody should be calling the Chicago Cubs World Series favorites, but they're much improved for 2015. That means they should be playing meaningful games late in the season. Read More