10 Wide Receivers to Target in Rounds 4-7 for Fantasy Football 2013

Opening Slide, Brad Penner

Matt Forte is Undervalued in Standard Fantasy Football Drafts

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Matt Forte is a boring pick, but a good one. Forte’s draft position has the opposite problem of some overvalued stars; last year he scored fewer touchdowns than one would expect.  Because of this he is undervalued this year. Forte […]

Kyle Rudolph is Overvalued in Standard Fantasy Football Drafts

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Kyle Rudolph is the product of randomness. In fantasy, two major factors go into points: yards and touchdowns. Yards are fairly consistent, touchdowns are not. So yes, Kyle Rudolph was a top-10 tight end last year, but guess what, he […]

Colin Kaepernick is Overvalued in Standard Fantasy Football Drafts

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Colin Kaepernick is extremely talented, but is still overrated in fantasy. Kaepernick took over last year for Alex Smith as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, and took the league by storm. His legs and arm helped the 49ers get […]

Rant Sports 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Team 7 Analysis

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This Sunday, some of the writers at Rant Sports had another Mock Draft. This time, it was an auction. Here’s my team and a complete breakdown of my thinking: Marshawn Lynch $49 Stevan Ridley $36 Maurice Jones-Drew $33 Victor Cruz $20 […]

Reggie Bush is Undervalued In Standard Fantasy Football Drafts

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Reggie Bush was an insane talent in college, but has been a disappointment in the NFL. Those excited about his prospects last season were embarrassed. Those working to avoid further embarrassment need not worry: Bush is going to have a […]

Dwayne Bowe is Undervalued In Standard Fantasy Football Drafts

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Dwayne Bowe has always been extremely talented; he just has not always had the quarterback to support his talent. This year, he does. Alex Smith is no superstar, but he is on another echelon from the Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks […]

New York Giants: 2013 Fantasy Football Defense Preview

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The New York Giants defense was solid in fantasy last year even after a bad year in real life. The fantasy team was 11th in the league, not something to brag about, but certainly draftable. The defense should improve this year, […]

Fantasy Football 2013: Stevan Ridley’s Hidden Value

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You want Stevan Ridley on your fantasy team. But that has nothing to do with Ridley himself. Ridley is on the New England Patriots, a team that will score lots of points because they have Bill Belicheck and Tom Brady, […]