5 Fantasy Football Stud Running Backs Who Will Slide on Draft Day


2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco Remains Mediocre

Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl Champion. And a Super Bowl MVP. The Baltimore Ravens gave him the big bucks in his newest contract, worth $120 million with $52 million guaranteed. So he won a Super Bowl, he’s being paid like […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Don’t Pick Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson Too High

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson is just about as explosive as they come. In five seasons as a pro, he’s made some dazzling plays as a receiver, runner and punt returner. But Jackson’s character issues and injury concerns have diminished his superstar status considerably […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Take a Gamble on Chicago Bears’ Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery

It’s always good to have a list of guys set for potential breakouts in the upcoming fantasy football season. The players who end up saving your season never really end up being the ones you’d initially expect, do they? This […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Philadelphia Eagles’ Bryce Brown is a Great Late-Round Pick

Bryce Brown

Philadelphia Eagles‘ Bryce Brown didn’t have many opportunities to shine as a rookie in 2012, but he made the most of what he was given. He showed incredible explosiveness when filling in for featured back LeSean McCoy. In his two […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: New York Giants’ Eli Manning’s Fantasy Value is Questionable

Eli Manning

It’s a motto that’s driven me crazy for the last few years: “you can’t spell elite without E-l-i“. This obviously holds completely true in its most literal and lexical sense (you really can’t spell elite without those three letters), but I also admit […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Grab Houston Texans’ Matt Schaub as a Backup Quarterback

Matt Schaub

There’s nothing that exciting about Matt Schaub or the way he plays, and no one claims that he’s an elite NFL quarterback. He gets practically half the attention that his superstar running back, Arian Foster, gets. Yet he has a quiet […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Indianapolis Colts’ Reggie Wayne Will Be a Solid Pick at Wide Receiver

Reggie Wayne

Since 2003, only once has Reggie Wayne failed to eclipse 1,000 receiving yards in a season. It came in 2011 when Wayne fell just 40 yards shy of the 1,000 yard mark and people began to think his time in […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Will San Diego Chargers’ Philip Rivers Be an Elite Quarterback?

Philip Rivers

It’s hard not to feel bad for Philip Rivers at this stage in his career. For a guy who looked like one of the best quarterbacks in the league up until 2011, his value as a fantasy player has absolutely […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Denver Broncos’ Montee Ball Could Be Huge Steal

Montee Ball Broncos

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect situation for Montee Ball to be drafted into than the one with the Denver Broncos. Ball will enter one of the league’s most explosive offenses with an immediate opportunity to take over the […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars’ Maurice Jones-Drew Will Remain Reliable Option

Maurice Jones Drew

Before this year, it was hard to question almost anything about Maurice Jones-Drew. His character, durability, and production all spoke for themselves, placing him high on fantasy football draft boards. But a foot fracture ended Jones-Drew’s 2012 season earlier than […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Detroit Lions’ Reggie Bush Could Be Poised For Big Year

Reggie Bush

It seems like every year, fantasy owners struggle with deciding how high to pick Reggie Bush. He’s talented and explosive enough to rip off a huge play at any time, but he’s yet to find a role that’s allowed him to […]