Tim Tebow: Why He Should be the First Pick In Fantasy Draft

Tim tebow

Picture this. You’ve spent the last several weeks preparing for your Fantasy draft. All of your friends are doing likewise because ever year the draft involves an evening full of name calling, hair pulling and crying–and that’s just you on […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Can Cincinnati Bengals’ Andy Dalton Improve?

Andy Dalton

The entire NFL universe are expecting big things from Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton in 2013. In his second year, Dalton succeeded in putting up pretty decent numbers and ranked 13th overall among fantasy quarterbacks with 3671 passing yards and […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: What Value Will Cincinnati Bengals’ Tyler Eifert Have?

Tyler Eifery

With some wise draft choices in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals seems as though they are finally ready to end their two-decade long drought and get that playoff win that they have just fallen shy of over the last two […]