Tennessee Titans 2013 Fantasy Football Defense Preview

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One of the most overlooked aspects of the average Fantasy Football team is the defense. The defense can make up for bad production from your star player with just one good game. The Tennessee Titans are the most underrated defense […]

Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton is Overvalued in Fantasy Football Drafts

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The key to having a successful Fantasy Football draft is choosing the players that will consistently give your team a decent number of points rather than players that will have three or four huge games in the season. The Carolina […]

Tennessee Titans’ Kenny Britt is Undervalued in Fantasy Football Drafts

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The Tennessee Titans have been under the radar for most of the offseason. They’ve improved their defense and offensive line drastically, and I believe that they have a chance to steal the AFC South if they can steal a game from the Houston Texans. One […]

Tennessee Titans’ Chris Johnson is Undervalued in Fantasy Football Drafts

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If Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster are both gone from your Fantasy Football draft, the decision to choose a running back becomes very difficult. Most have been choosing Marshawn Lynch, Ray Rice or Doug Martin. I’m telling you that those […]

Tennessee Titans: Top 5 Fantasy Players to Target

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Jacksonville Jaguars: Top 5 Fantasy Players to Target

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Houston Texans Top 5 Fantasy Players to Target

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Fantasy Football 2013: 10 Picks Worth Reaching For

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2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Tennessee Titans’ Kendall Wright

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The Tennessee Titans have one of the best young receiving core in the country, but with the recent 2013 NFL Draft addition of Justin Hunter, Kendall Wright has left the spotlight. The Titans have the go-to receiver Nate Washington, the potential star receiver Kenny Britt and then the young […]

Houston Texans’ Arian Foster: Why He Should be the First Pick in Your Fantasy Draft

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Winning in Fantasy Football isn’t about picking the best player for six weeks out of the season; it’s about having a team that consistently gains a decent amount of points week after week — which is why there isn’t any player in […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Justin Hunter

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The Tennessee Titans traded up in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft to select Justin Hunter from the Tennessee Volunteers. The wide receiver would have been one of the top picks in the draft if he had not […]

2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Kenny Britt

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Just a few years ago, Tennessee Titans‘ wide receiver Kenny Britt was in the discussion for the status of “Elite Receiver” in the NFL with the likes of players like Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson.  Then, he suffered a series of […]