VIDEO: Bubba Watson Describes His Style of Play as “Awesome”

Many words have been used to describe the way that Bubba Watson plays the game of golf.  The most frequently used term is “creative”.  Bubba personally described his style of play in an interview with David Letterman as “awesome” (you can find the full interviewbelow).  Anyone who is familiar with Bubba Watson is aware that he is a carefree person who is incredibly grounded.  The comment he made to Letterman was obviously made in jest, especially considering the fact that Watson couldn’t get the statement out with a straight face. He went on to tell Letterman that he has coined the phrase “Bubba Golf” and said:  “It’s just fun.  Ya know, I love the game of golf…I love goofin’ around.  I love just shaping shots and the creativity of golf”.  Much has been made of the fact that he has not taken a lesson since the age of 10, when his father taught him the basics of the game, and he has never watched his swing on video.  The last thing Bubba needs is for someone to start tinkering with his swing and cause him to regress.  What he’s doing is obviously working well.

Watson is currently doing media appearances thanks to his recent playoff win at the 2012 Masters, where he beat Louis Oosthuizen in a playoff.  He hit an improbable hook shot out of the pinestraw on the 10th hole (2nd playoff hole) that landed about 10 feet from the pin.  He subsequently hit a beautiful lag put to within 6 inches for an easy 2 putt and the championship.

Watson’s personality is one that endears him to fans and peers alike.  Rarely, if ever, are disparaging comments heard about the 33 year old Arizona native.  He takes himself very lightly, as evidenced by his comments on the Late Show With David Letterman, as well as his participation in the professional golfer boy band The Golf Boys.  The Golf Boys, which consists of pro golfers Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan and Watson, became internet sensations with their track “Oh Oh Oh”.

Many experts have been expecting Bubba to break through for quite some time, and his victory at Augusta National may just be the key victory that Watson needed.  If nothing else, fans will get to enjoy his unorthodox, yet incredibly effective, style of play for quite some time.