Amateur Golfer Hits a Hole in One on a Par 4

By Carl Conrad

The hole in one may very well be the most exciting occurrence in golf.  I, personally have never experienced the feeling, but can only imagine what it’s like.  That indescribable feeling when you hit an iron shot flush on a par 3, watching the ball hit the green and roll towards the hole, only to disappear in the bottom of the cup.  Talan Harlow, a Junior at the University of North Florida, had a hole in one experience much different than the one I just described.

Harlow wasn’t playing at your typical municipal course, either; his impressive feat happened at the famed TPC Sawgrass’ Dye Valley Course.  Oh, yeah, and his hole in one didn’t come on a par 3; it was on a 322 yard par 4.  And instead of getting to watch his ball roll towards the pin (if he could even see that far), his hole in one came on the fly.  Yes, the ball went from the tee to the bottom of the cup without hitting the ground.  Take a moment to wrap your head around that.  As if a hole in one isn’t impressive enough, Harlow hit his ace in tournament play, on a par 4, at TPC Sawgrass, on the fly.

For a little historical perspective, the only hole in one on a par 4 in the history of the PGA tour came in 2001 at the Phoenix OpenAndrew Magee aced the 332 yard 17th hole.  Yes, this college Junior did something that only one professional golfer has ever done in the history of the game (in tournament play, at least).

Anybody that has golfed has heard the stories from their friends about the things they supposedly accomplished on the golf course.  However, I guarantee nobody would ever even consider trying to convince anyone that they aced a par 4 for fear of being ridiculed and forever branded a pathological liar.  Congratulations to Harlow, who apparently took lessons from Billy Madison over spring break.

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