Tiger Woods Blames Poor Bunker Play on Amount of Sand in the Traps

By Carl Conrad

One of the prerequisites for being a golfer is being creative with excuses for poor play.  Generally, however, those excuses do not come from players on the PGA TourTiger Woods, apparently, is an exception to this rule.  After shooting a less than stellar 1 over par 72 at Congressional, on a day when the course was playing like it was primed for the U.S. Open, Woods had an interesting take on why he played so poorly from the bunkers.  Said Woods:  “There’s so much sand in these bunkers.  There’s just a lot of sand in them.  My 60 (degree wedge) is not built for this much sand…so I have to make an adjustment and hit the ball a little bit closer.”

In summation, Woods’ poor play from the sand was….because there was too much sand.  Talk about one of the all time interesting and creative excuses.  It’s like saying there is too much water in the ocean which is why you are not a good swimmer.  Granted, there are different types of sand used at different golf courses…some finer than others.  However, this is an event that Tiger hosts…and those fellas on the PGA Tour do have the opportunity to play practice rounds before the start of each and every tournament.

Even if, for some reason unbeknownst to me, there was too much sand in the bunkers, Woods should have realized that earlier in the week (when the rounds do not count) and made the necessary adjustments.  I also have been unable to find any quotes from this week’s other participants indicating their displeasure with the amount of sand in the bunkers.

Despite his poor play from the sand, Tiger is still only 5 strokes off the lead and currently tied for 30th.  Regardless of where he ends up this week, he has provided myself and other the other hacks out there a quality excuse for years to come.  If it’s good enough to derail Tiger Woods, surely I can’t be expected to play from a bunker when there’s too much sand.


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