Tiger Woods Makes Incredible Sand Save Birdie At 2012 British Open

By Riley Schmitt

Tiger Woods is in contention at the 2012 British Open and ended his second round with a shot that only Woods can pull off.  Woods was in the bunker on 18 when he pulled off an amazing chip shot in order to make birdie.  Woods is -6 through two rounds and right in the thick of things.

Tiger is starting to show signs of getting back to the man that we once knew.  He has won some tournaments this year but he has not managed to win a major this year.  This is a great thing for him as it shows how confident he is getting in his game.  A little bit more confidence in the putter and he is going to be dangerous.

Shots likes this remind us of how great Tiger Woods can be when he is on the top of his game.  Not a lot of players could pull off a shot like this.  If he misses that, he could have ended up with a bogey or worse.  That would have been awful for him going into the weekend but that shot is great momentum going forward.

Golf does so much better when Tiger is in contention at a major.  The ratings go up and everyone loves watching him play.  He will still have haters but his golf game is fun to watch.  Shots like this are starting to show up more and more.

Watch out for Tiger Woods this weekend.  It is going to be one heck of a tournament finale.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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