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Rory McIlroy vs. Tiger Woods: The Inevitable Comparisons

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Brian Spurlock-US Presswire

As the PGA Tour enters its final few months, the top two players up to this point will face off in the remaining events. Rory McIlroy and Tiger woods sit atop the FedEx Cup points and money leaderboards (1st and 2nd respectively). Any time that top golfers square off, drama can be expected, but when the likes of Woods and McIlroy are in the discussion, it adds another level of intrigue. The successes that these players have achieved thus far are captivating for very different reasons. For McIlroy, this season’s dominance solidified his reputation as one of the best (if not the best) player(s) on the tour. While Woods is no stranger to the spotlight, the 2012 season represents a resurgence in his career. With two of golf’s biggest names pitted against one another, comparisons are inevitable.

This match-up can be paralleled to a young Kobe Bryant covering Michael Jordan in a Bulls-Lakers game. The young, ultra-talented star attempting to dethrone the old guard. One athlete  aspiring to be one of the greats, the other defending his place among them. With comparisons between McIlroy’s young career and Woods’ success already being made, the remaining PGA events are not just about the top two players in the world. The match ups between these two players carry much more weight than that. Just as Bryant battled his way to his own identity, McIlroy will look to play his way out of Woods’ shadow. As two of the favorites to win the FedEx Cup, and the top players on their respective Ryder Cup teams, Woods and McIlroy will duke it out in the competitions that remain this season. Whether the seasoned veteran will add to his long list of accolades, or if the prodigious talent will make another statement has yet to be determined. Regardless of the outcome, the connotations surrounding these match-ups cannot be denied.

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