Tiger Woods Has An Underwhelming History In The Ryder Cup


Despite all of his dominance on the PGA Tour and professional golf in general, Tiger Wood’s record in match play competitions, and specifically the Ryder Cup, is surprisingly lackluster. Considering that Woods was the most dominant and intimidating figure in the golfing world for such a long time, one would imagine that he would be almost unbeatable in the head to head, match play style.

Looking at his record in the Ryder Cup, in 29 career matches, Tiger has only earned a total of 14 points for the United States side. This includes a 4-1-1 record in singles matches and an abysmal 9-13-1 record in paired matches. Should Lee Westwood, one of the stars on the European side, get matched against Tiger, Westwood should certainly not be lacking confidence. He has 5 Ryder Cup victories against Woods to his credit.

At least Tiger has taken responsibility for his uninspiring performance in the international face off. “Certainly I’m responsible for that, because I didn’t earn the points I was put out there for,” Woods said during his press conference on Tuesday.

The only time that Woods was on a team that won the Ryder Cup was all the way back in 1999, when the American’s won the tournament that would eventually become known as “The Miracle at Brookline”. When the United States won in 2008, Woods was in the process of recovering from reconstructive knee surgery.

Is it a coincidence that when Tiger missed the tournament in 2008, the United States finally pulled out another victory? I can’t help but think that Woods’ presence makes the United States a better team, but for some odd reason, the record books don’t necessarily reflect that.


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