Phil Mickelson to Try $1 Million Shot For Charity During Monday Night Football

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The philanthropic endeavors of PGA Tour golfer Phil Mickelson are well known, but Lefty is going “outside of the box” in an attempt to win $1 million for charity on Monday Night Football.

On October 15th, Mickelson will take center stage during halftime of the Denver Broncos San Diego Chargers game. His shtick will be hitting golf balls from one end zone to targets that are going to be placed around the field. Should he hit a bulls-eye, he will earn $1 million for the KPMG Chip4Charity contest that donates money to the charity First Book, which is a non-profit group that provides books for underprivileged youth. That bulls-eye alone will provide almost 400,000 books.

The outer ring is worth $50,000 and the middle is worth $100,000, neither of which is too shabby.

On the KPMG website, Mickelson said, “My wife, Amy, and I feel strongly that literacy and education are critical to the future success of today’s youth. I am extremely proud to be part of the Blue for Books campaign and it’s just great to know that for every blue hat I see out in the gallery each week, three new books are in the hands of kids who need them most.”

Phil and his family are involved in quite a few charities, but being able to bring his cause to the attention of millions of viewers on Monday Night Football is going to go a long way in providing books for children in need. Phil, the charity and the NFL should all be applauded for their efforts.


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