PGA Players Show Their Gangnam Style Dance Moves

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Who says golfers are all business and no fun?  The regular PGA Tour season is over, the Ryder Cup is completed, and now it may be time to participate in golf’s silly season: Gangnam Style.

This week Jesper Parnevik‘s wife, Penny, put a video online on YouTube with her husband, family and friends showing their silly sides – just in time for Halloween. The video, called Parnevik Gangnam Style Full, was supposedly created as a birthday gift for a friend.

Accompanying Jesper on the video are PGA pros Dustin Johnson (photo above, in one of his more serious moments), Richard S. Johnson and Fredrik Jacobson.

Sweden’s Parnevik is known for his eccentric personality and fashion, but this may be a new side to his style sense in the video. He dons a pale pink suit and oversized glasses. It looks like a cross mix of the 1980s, a little Elton John and a lot of  Don Johnson’s TV wardrobe from Miami Vice. Maybe Jesper gets his funny side from his father, Bo, who is a famous comedian in Sweden.

Parnevik’s swing and dance moves, as well as lip-syncing abilities, depict a funnier side of his personality. Dustin and Richard Johnson (no relation) are a little harder to spot because they are dressed in wigs and feminine clothing as they hip hop and goof off in the video.

Last April, Parnevik’s professional golfing career was almost cut short due to a boating accident in which he almost cut off his finger. Parnevik also made the news away from the golf course when he publicly admitted that he regretted introducing Tiger Woods to his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, due to the 2009 sex scandal between Woods and his then-wife.

South Korean singer PSY’s Gangnam Style took off last summer as a funny single that resembles hip-hop music with funky moves. Gangnam style refers to the Gangnam district of Seoul and its lifestyle in that section for the country. The song is catchy. It is one of the top tunes downloaded on YouTube since it debuted in July.

Beside professional golfers, there have been many clever parodies of the ridiculously popular tune as well. There are Mitt Romney and Barack Obama-themed versions, plus parodies from the U.S. Naval Academy, the University of Oregon Duck mascot, the animated My Little Pony character and one from Cornell University students.

This is a fun parody from a few PGA golfers and their family and friends. Just one suggestion: keep your swing moves on the course. You are not ready for prime time on Dancing With The Stars.

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