Sergio Garcia Undergoes Laser Eye Surgery, Ties Course Record at Dubai World Championship

By Carl Conrad
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It turns out that Sergio Garcia’s issues on big stages may have been between the ears after all. No, I’m not saying that Garcia lacks the mental toughness to win major championships. His eyesight might have been the thing holding him back all these years.

Garcia underwent laser eye surgery last month. Yesterday at the Dubai World Championship, the Spaniard matched the course record at The Earth Course by firing an eight under par 64. That impressive round put him seven under par and four shots off of the lead at the time.

“The sharpness is much better than before. Like if I’m aiming for a little spot. Before it would get a little blurry and I would lose it. Now I can see the spots better. I can pick out small things easier than before.” Garcia realized that he had vision problems in July. After first trying to wear contact lenses, but finding them uncomfortable, he decided to undergo the laser eye surgery.

The game of golf is hard enough in optimal conditions. I can’t even imagine trying to play a round of golf with poor eyesight, let alone compete in professional tournaments. If this is an issue that Garcia has been dealing with for some time, I applaud him for the success he has been able to find, despite the limitations associated with eye issues.

It will be interesting to see what impact this has on Garcia’s game going forward. He has long been seen as a player with immense ability, but has underwhelmed in big events. Could the only thing holding him back have been his eyes? Or will he continue to struggle even after laser eye surgery?


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