Decision To Ban Anchored Putters Right Move

By Andy Schmidt

This week the PGA and the R & A decided that they were going to change the rules of golf and ban any putters that allow for a player to anchor the putter when a stroke is made with changes going into effect in 2016 if it is officially done. This means no more belly putters against the stomach or any more of those long putters that are resting against a putter’s forearm. I have played golf myself for many years and I have never used a long putter so I don’t know exactly how players work with that but to me, that seems a bit unfair to have someone who can use a putter like that.

What is so wrong with a regular putter? The professionals on the PGA Tour I’m sure who use those kinds of putters would disagree because it helps them with issues involving their nerves in the final holes. It was time for the rules to be equalized anyway. This is a debate that reminds me of baseball fans and the differences between the National and American Leagues with the designated hitter. You will have some people on the side of short putters or no DH while others want the long putter still in the game or want the DH.

It is a competitive advantage for those people who can use the long putter or belly putter. Everyone should have to play under the same rules. What is so wrong with that idea? The pros can feel the same pain that the rest of us amateurs who hack around on a Sunday afternoon do and miss those four-foot putts over and over again.

Andy Schmidt is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports or like his Facebook page.

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