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Top 10 Tournaments on the PGA Tour

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The Top 10 PGA Tour Events

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The PGA Tour season is a long and grueling one. Some of the tournaments that take place each week are more recognizable than others. Everyone knows about the four major championships. Outside of those four events, however, there are a number of other great tournaments that take place throughout the year. Each event brings its own strengths to the table.

The mix of match play events, pro-am tournaments, major championships and tournaments that have been around forever provide the golf fan something different to look forward to each and every week. Some of the most revered golf courses in the world are featured on the PGA Tour on a weekly basis.

Following you will find a list of what I feel are the 10 best golf tournaments that take place annually on the PGA Tour. Each tournament is on this list for a different reason. Clearly, this is a subjective list. It’s also a way for me to romanticize the game of golf. At the same time, it provides an opportunity to focus on the game of golf and the events that take place each week, as opposed to the best or worst golfers.

The golfers that participate in these events often have them circled on their calendar well in advance and look forward to them all year long. These are the cream of the crop. Some are only for the most elite golfers in the world, while others allow amateurs to enter and see how they stack up to the pros.

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10 Accenture Match Play Championship


Match play creates an amount of drama that is rarely found outside of major championships, and this tournament rarely disappoints.

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9 Barclays Championship


The first leg of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. This is where the men are separated from the boys.

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8 The Memorial Tournament

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Jack Nicklaus is considered the greatest golfer of all time. The Memorial is held every year around Memorial Day and is Jack's tournament. The field is always strong and usually boasts most of the top golfers in the world.

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7 Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

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One of the most iconic courses in the entire world. The fact that amateurs play such a huge role in this tournament (see: Bill Murray) sets it apart.

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6 TOUR Championship

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Pressure? What pressure? Just forget about the fact that this is the final tournament in the FedEx Cup Playoffs and $10 million is on the line.

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5 The Players Championship

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Widely regarded as the “Fifth Major” of the year. Mega-tournament pressure and the finishing holes at TPC Sawgrass combine for a great tournament.

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4 PGA Championship

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“Glory’s Last Shot”. The final major of the season. It’s great to watch the club pros take part in this event.

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3 British Open

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History. Ambiance. Drama. This tournament has it all.

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2 U.S. Open

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Some of the most difficult conditions the field will see all year. While it might not be the most beautiful golf we see ever, the conditions lend themselves to an incredibly exciting tournament. Seeing the amateurs compete in this event next to players that many of them have idolized is fascinating.

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1 The Masters


Tradition. To me, that’s the one word that sums up The Masters. The best of the best come together every year at Augusta National for the right to wear the Green Jacket.