John Daly to Launch Line of Alcoholic Beverages

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

From the “how did this take so long to happen department” comes this latest tidbit. John Daly is introducing his very own line of adult beverages. Most people are aware of the drink named after Arnold Palmer: it’s simply a mix of iced tea and lemonade. Several years ago, some bars around the country starting capitalizing on Daly’s penchant for throwing a few back by creating a spin on the Arnold Palmer and naming it after Daly. The drink named after Daly was a mix of lemonade and sweet tea vodka.

It seems as if Daly has gotten sick of not being compensated for people taking advantage of his name. Enter his personal line of drinks. The beverages will initially only be available in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Daly has gone through a very public battle with drug and alcohol addiction. By all accounts, this is a battle he has been winning in recent years. As of late, he has been very open about his issues and how he has been addressing them.

He has also been fighting to get his career back on track. There are times when he looks like he’s ready to break back through to relevance, but there are also many times where he looks completely overwhelmed and outmatched.

I personally hope that Daly is able to get things going in the right direction on the golf course once again. Some people find his antics on the golf course to be childish. While there have been moments that I’m sure Daly would like to have back (throwing clubs, etc), it would be a great comeback story for him to become relevant again.