Time Has Come To Shorten Pro Golf Season

By Andy Schmidt
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

I have been seeing something that is a bit shocking to me in recent weeks and that is a ton of these exhibition golf tournaments on my television. There are events like the Father/Son Challenge or the 3-Tour Challenge that litter the sports landscape this time of year. I think the time has come to get rid of these events and some others along the way and shorten the golf season.

There are people in the southern states or in the southern hemisphere who love the idea of golf in December because there is no snow to deal with and you can golf this time of year. I have no problems if you want to play for fun at this time of year if you can do it, but the professional tournaments need to go so these players can have some sort of break. There seems to be a tournament all the way from January through October. That is only two months off for the pros.

I propose having all the tournaments between March and early November. This way, players can have a good solid two or three months off from competitive golf where they can work on their games or just take a break from the game entirely. I just don’t see the point in all these other events going on and while they are fun, they don’t need to be played. If you want to get your friends together for a round, do it and keep it off the television when other sports should have the spotlight.

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