PGA Tour: Jonas Blixt to Build on Solid Rookie Campaign

By Carl Conrad
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Each year on the PGA Tour there are some rookies that come out of nowhere to make a name for themselves. One of the most glaring examples of that in 2012 was Swedish native Jonas Blixt who took place in 21 PGA Tour tournaments in 2012 and made the cut in 15 of those events.

In addition to his five top 10 and nine top 25 finishes, Blixt also won the Open. Any time that you can pull off a victory on the PGA Tour, it is an impressive feat. That fact that Blixt did that as a rookie only adds to the extraordinary nature of his accomplishment. The solid season that Blixt had in 2012 was good enough to put him at 34th on the official PGA Tour money list and 71st in FedEx Cup points

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re saying to yourself that any golfer good enough to make the professional circuit can put together a few good tournaments and then fall off the face of the earth. And you’re exactly right. However, it’s how Blixt went about his business that leads me to believe he is here to stay.

As a rookie, when most people’s nerves would be almost crippling, Blixt was the second best putter on the entire PGA Tour. His average bested the average on tour by an astonishing 3.2 strokes per event. Did I mention that was the best putter on tour from between five and 10 feet, a distance from which he converted 184 of 285 attempts?

A short game that remarkable does not happen by mistake. Golfers work for their entire careers to get to where Blixt already is with his putting. If he is able to solidify the rest of his game, Blixt is going to be a formidable force in professional golf, and very soon.

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