Golfer Bubba Watson Reveals History of Panic Attacks

By Carl Conrad
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like professional golfer Bubba Watson is human, after all. Watson recently revealed to reporters that he has a history of suffering from panic attacks. He stated that he has had three such attacks over the years.

Speaking to reporters, Watson said, “I’ve had a lot of panic attacks off the golf course. I actually went to the hospital three times thinking I was having something wrong with my heart and my wife is like, ‘What is wrong with you? I’ve done everything. I’ve done EKGs, we’ve done tests, all kind of things. [The doctor] told me, basically, I need medicine. I need medicine that calms me down.”

All I know is that if Watson does, in fact, suffer from panic attacks, it is rarely noticeable on the golf course. The medication he has been prescribed was clearly working its magic at the 2012 Masters. Had Bubba been in the midst of a panic attack when he hit one of the most memorable shots in recent history from the woods on the 10th hole, he would have likely been curled up in the fetal position and crying. Heck, facing that shot would have been enough to send me into a panic attack, even considering I have no history with the affliction.

Watson is not the first golfer recently to bring panic attacks into the spotlight. This past November, Charlie Beljan suffered through a bout with panic attacks during the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic in Florida. His episode was so bad that he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after his Friday round, only to return to the course Saturday morning after being discharged.

Anyone who thinks that professional golfers have it easy is kidding themselves. Sure, they get to play a game for a living while traveling the world, and many of them get paid very handsomely to do so. But there is an immense amount of pressure placed on these guys on a daily basis. Just because it is different from the pressure you and I face on a daily basis doesn’t mean it isn’t as intense.

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