PGA Tour: Hyundai Tournament Of Champions Cut to 54 Holes

By Les Bailey
Jason Dufner
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Thirty of the worlds best golfers and their families are in beautiful Hawaii for some fun, and golf, but no one is playing golf. The gusty 30 to 40 mile per hour winds halted play again of Saturday at The Hyundai Tournament of Champion. The PGA season opener, played at the Kapalua Royal Plantation Golf Course has been halted again for excessive winds that are unseasonal  this time of year, for a second day, and the tournament has been shortened to 54 holes.

The game plan, is to get the action started on Sunday morning with players teeing off on the front and back nines, and attempting to get 36 holes in the books. That would allow for a Monday 18 hole finish, and the crowning of a champion.

Play was begun on Saturday, and once again, Webb Simpson grabbed some birdies in the opening holes before play was halted. PGA Vice President of Rules and Competition, Slugger White indicated that it was very difficult to get a ball to come to rest anywhere on the course. That was the key factor that urged him to deem the play unfair, and cancel the round. As with the cancellation on Friday, all scores will be reset prior to Sunday’s tee times.

In case you are not familiar with Maui, Kapalua is located on the Western tip of the island, and is subject to the Kona Trade Winds that wrap around from the North. Hawaii’s second largest Island has five distinct regions that are truly so different in nature that 15 miles from Kapalua, Kaanapali Beach has been bathed in sunshine and in virtually calm conditions while Kapalua is getting hammered.

I don’t know about you, but I got tired of seeing multiple repeats of the same seven holes that were played on Friday being played by the Golf Channel. I have also watched the same swing tips at least 20 time, thank goodness we have Football to watch. I’m not sure at this point when The Golf Channel will pick up coverage, but NBC is slated for three hours of coverage on Sunday, and I suspect the Golf Channel will resume afterwards.

The officials are forecasting winds on Sunday at around 30 miles per hour, so this should be some exciting golf. With the large greens here at Royal Plantations, expect to see those 30-40 foot putts blow six to eight feet past the hole for some knee knocking par putts. It’s not going to be a great day for scoring. Players have wide generous fairways to collect wind blown tee shots, but the excitement starts when they get the flat stick out.

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