Golf: Dustin Johnson, The Crowning Of A Superstar

Dustin Johnson

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports


Sometimes the people who are involved in the sports media business really irritate me. The golf community in the US is so starved for a superstar that they are attempting to create one. Case in point: Listening to Morning Drive this morning, I heard a conversation about what kind of a champion Dustin Johnson is going to be. How he has the calm demeanor and reserve that is required by anyone who wants to win a major championship, and become the next superstar.

After getting off to a great start on Monday at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, the media is already plugging Dustin into a winning role at the US Open, and possibly the PGA Championship. If he hasn’t already put enough pressure on himself by now, the talking heads will help him out with a little more.

Johnson would make a perfect superstar for us.  He is good looking, big, rugged and hits it a country mile, what else does he need?

Tiger Woods spoiled the media in this country. He was so dominant for over a decade, that they didn’t have to hunt and scratch for a superstar, he was right here in the good old USA. Now that Tiger has regressed, (dropped all the way to third in world rankings) we feel like we need someone else to take his place. The pressure to find another superstar from the PGA comes on the heels of the success the European players are having here in the US, and especially in the major championships.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I like Dustin Johnson, and think he has all the potential in the world to be great on the PGA Tour, but..he hasn’t done it yet. He had two opportunities in 2010 to achieve greatness, and on both occasions, he came up short. Maybe he is a little too laid back. With all of the calm reserve needed to win major championships(as stated by the talking heads) I wonder just how calm and collective Tiger would have been had he blew the lead Dustin had at the US Open that he eventually lost to Graeme McDowell. Then again, with the calm demeanor in which he took the bad news at Whistling Straits when he found out he grounded his club in a hazard.

If you look at the demeanor of the last three major champions from the US, you will find they all tend to breathe a little fire once in a while. I don’t think you can find a more fired up individual in golf than Keegan Bradley. Keegan spits, waggles, spits some more, waggles some more and puts the old stink-eye on all of his putts. That calm demeanor won the 2011 PGA Championship.

Dustin Johnson has a nice future ahead of him, but he does tend to make mistakes when the pressure is on. He doesn’t handle the lead well on the final day, and when he’s coming down the stretch for a win. As the pressure goes up, so to, do the mistakes. I just hope he can overcome that problem, and become what we, the golf fans need. A superstar.


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