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The 15 Most Unwatchable Pro Golfers

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These 15 Golfers Are Unwatchable

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Golf is a sport with very little room in the middle with respect to the general public. Generally, you either love watching golf or you can’t stand it and hate it with a passion. As you might have guessed, I am one of the people who love to watch golf, even on television. I just find it absolutely incredible what professional golfers are able to do with a golf ball, and on such a consistent basis.

It also really does not appeal to the casual fan. Most won’t even watch a few minutes of a tournament, unless it’s a major. That did change slightly when Tiger Woods burst onto the scene. He was one of the first golfers in recent memory that was able to cross over into the mainstream and appeal to the masses.

The recent influx of young, talented golfers has started to make the game seem less stuck up and elitist, which has gone a long way to getting more people to actually take some time to follow and watch the game of golf.

There are, however, some golfers around today that even I have difficulty following for one reason or another. Some people play at a pace that makes it seem like watching grass grow would be more entertaining. There are also some golfers that, when you watch, you’re essentially just waiting for the minute where they fly off the handle and snap. While there are those fans that might find that suspenseful, I find it annoying.

No matter who your favorite golfer may be, or why you watch golf, the golfers on this list have a tendency to make watching almost unbearable.

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15 Ben Crane

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Slow play might very well be the most annoying thing in golf. You know you’re a slow player when your partner in a professional event plays ahead of you and moves on to the next tee before you’ve finished the hole.

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14 Jason Dufner

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It’s not Dufner’s golf game that lands him here, because that is firing on all cylinders right now. It’s the fact that he looks confused, tired and disinterested whenever he’s on the course. I know that isn’t the case, but he just looks like he needs a nap all the time.

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13 Michelle Wie

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Even though she’s won twice since turning pro in 2009, Wie still seems to be little more than a gimmick to me.

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12 Josh Broadway


This guy has made quite a few different lists as of late, and he’s on all of them for the same thing: his ridiculous crosshanded grip. I cringe every time I see him swing a golf club.

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11 Tiger Woods

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While Woods certainly draws in the crowds, he is one of the most deliberate players on tour. Clearly it’s worked for him, but the tantrums can sometimes be too much to handle.

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10 David Duval

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Duval is the classic case of a pro athlete that seems to have held on too long and insists that he still has the game to compete, even though his performances don’t back that up.

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9 Lee Westwood

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Westwood is currently ranked seventh in the world, but it’s definitely not for his short game, which is absolutely putrid.

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8 Pat Perez

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If you think Tiger Woods or John Daly can fly off the handle at any time, Perez makes them look like school children. Sometimes it’s actually difficult to endure.

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7 Boo Weekley

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While I feel like I should applaud him for sticking to his roots, there’s simply no reason that camo should show up on the golf course. I might be able to excuse his ensemble choices if he were ranked somewhere above 299 in the world.

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6 Allen Doyle


His golf swing is an entity unto itself. Granted, he’s getting up in years, which is why he plays on the Champions Tour, but it looks like Doyle is picking up a club for the first time ever each time he swings.

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5 Jim Furyk

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

You might think he’s on this list because of his swing, but he isn’t. I’ve grown accustomed to the loopy swing that Furyk is known for. He is on this list because once he reaches the green Furyk’s pace slows to a crawl.

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4 Glen Day


While you probably haven’t heard of him, Day is the king of slow play on the tour where he is regularly assessed penalties for his pace.

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3 Sergio Garcia

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Garcia is another guy that takes forever over a shot. I understand that you need to feel comfortable before starting your swing, but sometimes enough is enough.

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2 John Daly

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not the smoking that gets to me. Or the clothes that are clearly the mark of a man trying to get people to still pay attention to him. It’s the fact that you never know when Daly is going to have an epic meltdown on the course.

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1 Kevin Na

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Na’s pre-shot routine is almost painful to watch. It’s as if he is afraid to strike the ball. Watching him prepare to take a shot is like pulling teeth.