10 Golfers That Will Bust in 2013

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10 Golfers That Will Have Disappointing 2013 Seasons

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Much of the talk at the end of one golf season heading into the next is about the golfers that broke out in the previous year, or the ones that are set to break out in the following year. There were several great stories in 2012 - these stories got a great deal of press, and rightfully so. However, for every good story and breakout golfer, there are those golfers that disappoint and end up in the dreaded category of being a “bust”.

Not every disappointing season is equal. Some golfers may consider their year a disappointment if they fail to capture a major championship. Others see not winning a tournament as a failure. Still, others are even struggling to maintain their full status as touring pros, so it takes a great deal for them to suffer disappointment.

One thing is for certain: whether the “bust” label is placed on them by themselves or by others, there are many golfers that will be placed into that category in 2013. Unfortunately, these stories are usually more prevalent than the success stories that we enjoy so much.

There have been myriad articles and lists written about the golfers that everyone expects to break out or exceed expectations in 2013. We don’t like to think about the possibility of someone not performing well, whatever the reason may be. Regardless, I have compiled a list of the golfers that I feel will be considered busts in 2013. Keep in mind that not every “bust” is equal and it is truly a relative term.

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10 Phil Mickelson

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I think Phil Mickelson will have a good enough season, but it will be nowhere near up to his standards. He will win once or twice but won’t win a major. By Mickelson’s standards, that constitutes a bust.

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9 Vijay Singh

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Vijay Singh has been on a steady decline over the last few years, finishing 2012 a disappointing 51st on the money list. I fully expect the gradual decline on the PGA Tour to continue. The Champions Tour is an option, though, since Singh turns 50 in February.

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8 Anthony Kim

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Every time you think Anthony Kim is about to exercise his demons, he leaves you disappointed. In 10 events played last season, Kim only made the cut twice. Now that he will be coming back from an injured Achilles (whenever he does come back), it might be difficult for him to even retain his card.

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7 Davis Love III

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Davis Love will be turning 49 in April, and has already said he felt tired at the end of the last season. With this season being a sprint, I don’t see Love being able to keep up with the pack.

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6 Kevin Na

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With all of the attention that Kevin Na received last year for his incessant pre-shot waggles, things aren’t likely to get better in 2013. If he had a mental block that caused his trepidation when approaching the ball before, the pressure he will feel each time he tries to approach the ball will probably increase exponentially.

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5 Jim Furyk

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The second half of Jim Furyk’s 2012 season was abysmal, and that will continue into at least the first half of the 2013 season. He might be too far gone when (if) he is finally able to turn things around this year.

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4 Steve Stricker

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Steve Stricker has already announced that he will be entering semi-retirement and cutting down on the number of events he plays in 2013. I anticipate him being competitive in a few events, but it will be difficult to achieve positive results when he takes so much time off in between tournaments.

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3 Adam Scott

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His meltdown at the Open Championship was one for the history books. Now, he is faced with all of the hoopla associated with the long putter ban. Too many distractions for Adam Scott in 2013 result in several poor outings for him.

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2 David Duval

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Once a golfer resigns himself to the fact that he might have to go back to the minors, there is very little chance that they will have any kind of success in the near future. That’s the situation David Duval is in right now.

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1 Camilo Villegas

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Camilo Villegas doesn’t even have his full tour card for 2103, which is going to cause him to press in an attempt to get results. This will most likely have the opposite effect, causing 2013 to be an uphill battle all the way. Unfortunately for Villegas, I don’t see this as a battle he will win.