Tiger Woods and Elin - A Love Story-Part Two...Maybe

By joshuaherb
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

It’s a tale as old as time. Man meets woman, they fall in love, build a home together, have a couple of children, man gets bored and sleeps with 37 women including a diner waitress, woman finds out and hits man with a three iron, woman takes man for hundreds of millions of dollars in record setting divorce, man comes crawling back three years later offering a few hundred more million dollars in an effort to woo and win the woman back. I have never seen When Harry Met Sally, but I am pretty sure that’s the gist of the storyline.

Reports out this week, from the National Enquirer mind you, have reported that golfer Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren may be looking at reconciling their very turbulent relationship. The story stated that Woods would be required to include a $350 million anti-cheating clause in a prenuptial agreement, and that he is apparently fine with the terms if it gets the two back together.

Let me make it very clear that what either of these two do with their lives is absolutely none of my business, and the rest of this post is written purely for entertainment purposes as no one outside their household has any clue what are true details and what are fabrications. With the fact that they have two kids, I sincerely hope they can work things out and be happy.

With the above being said, what is either of these two thinking?!?! This marriage was a train wreck that even Denzel Washington couldn’t stop. There were so many sordid and sultry details from the exploits of Tiger that my brain has had to expel most of them to make room for incoming nuggets of knowledge. Generally when the husband cheats on a rampant and obnoxious level and the wife reacts by trying to drive the green with the left side of his head, a second chance at love is pretty much out of the picture. Obviously, Tiger is willing to put a majority of his remaining worth on the bet that he can get through the rest of this relationship without, I will assume, EVER cheating on his wife again.

On the other side, Elin is obviously completely willing to go through a round two of Tiger’s exploits if it means she walks with another chunk of his enormous wealth, and good for her for setting a very expensive safety net. It appears the risk in this situation falls all on the shoulders and bank account of Tiger, who if he has not completely “rehabbed” himself, better hope he didn’t burn the bridge with the diner waitress because he may need a weekend gig.

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