Tiger Woods Reported to Have Proposed to Elin Again, Can Money Equal Faithfulness?

By Ian Hudson
Kevin Liles-US Presswire

In a week when money has made the headlines just as much as the players in golf a story has emerged that Tiger Woods (pictured) wants to renew his relationship with his former wife Elin Nordegren. The catch for Tiger is that he is said to be proposing a $200 million pre-nuptial agreement so that Elin is at least financially secure if he strays again.

Three years ago news broke that Tiger Woods had an affair while still married to Elin. That revelation was just the beginning as the whole sordid issue unravelled. It seemed Tiger had developed a liking for the company of all sorts of bar-room escorts and party girls. Elin filed for divorce and the couple separated.

Woods has not won a major championship since the US Open in 2008. Injury was partly responsible for his absence from the course. However, lurid details of how he relaxed away from the course seemed to irrevocably damage the image of the Woods brand.

Several sponsors ended contracts with Woods but he is still with Nike, ironically the company that Rory McIlroy has just signed to in an alleged $200 million deal to use their equipment. That means when Woods and McIlroy were paired in the first round of the Abu Dhabi Championship they were both playing with Nike clubs.

It is reported that Woods was paid 3 million dollars to play in Abu Dhabi. This is a huge amount for four days work but Woods would say it is justified as he attracts the crowds and promotes a tournament like no other player. It will help finance the deal he has offered his former wife to marry him again.

Ms. Nordegren is said to be considering a proposal from Woods. However she is allegedly demanding a $350 million anti-cheating clause in the contract. The question is can Tiger put a financial value on love and is he prepared to bet half his fortune that he wont stray again.

For the best part of his career Woods has been a perfect role model for the several races in his family background. He seemed to extol the virtues of family life and was content with a soul mate and partner to whom he had two children.

Unfortunately while Woods was telling the world how important the stability of his home life helped him put golf in perspective it appeared he was at the time enjoying the company of several young ladies to whom he was not married. The next move is Elin’s and if she agrees to marry Woods again he will need to bank the 3 milion dollars he is earning this week.

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