Let's Get Off Phil Mickelson's Case

By Les Bailey
Phil Mickelson

As the greatest ambassador for professional golf since Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson deserves a little slack in lieu of his statements regarding his tax problems. The stuffed shirts and politically-correct people who have written or commented on this subject seem to have a problem with what Phil has said, and now another group who liked what he said are upset that he has apologized. I guess you just can’t please them all.

It has taken Phil Mickelson almost 20 years to find out what I learned in 1984, you can’t survive in California if you don’t have money, and you can’t survive in California if you make too much money. I’m surprised he hasn’t joined Tiger Woods, and all his friends in Florida, and has waited to this point in his career to consider a move.

As it turns out, Phil has figured out that because he made $60 Million dollars last year, and being self-employed, he is in the 62-63% tax bracket. After going into a rant in front of a microphone, he made a public apology yesterday, and indicated, like his poor decision at Winged Foot that cost him a US Open, he made another poor decision by airing his problems with the government in public.

After reading an article on The Business Insider Sports Page, I was appalled that the author thinks people are upset that Mickelson was complaining  about only taking  home $23 Million after Uncle Sam got finished with him. Phil and his wife Amy have a long history of putting their money to work helping the community and various other charities around the world. So let’s let up on Phil Mickelson and let him get back to work at Torrey Pines this week.

Mickelson is tireless when he attends a tournament. He signs autographs until everyone who wants one has gotten one. He is the best of what professional golf has to offer, and has done nothing in the past to deserve this kind of treatment. Professional athletes from all sports get a pass when they stick their foot in their mouth, so let’s afford one of  these passes to Phil Mickelson,

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