How Can Tiger Woods Get Back With Elin Nordegren if He's Dating Lindsey Vonn?

By Carl Conrad
Mitchell Gunn-USA TODAY Sports

So, it looks like we may have jumped the gun on the whole “Tiger Woods is still hopelessly in love with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren and is willing to sign a $600 million pre-nup to prove it” thing. It looks like the latest object of Eldrick’s affection is champion skier Lindsey Vonn and not Nordegren.

While I don’t doubt that Tiger probably wants to rekindle the flame with Elin, dating a high profile celebrity after you reportedly hooked up with your ex-wife over Christmas isn’t exactly the way to go about it.

Vonn, like Woods, was previously married, so they have that going for them. Strangely enough, Vonn’s supposedly messy divorce was recently finalized. Interesting that this news comes out just after her divorce is official, don’t ya think?

There have been occasional reports for quite some time that Woods and Vonn were an item, but that talk picked up as of late. The reason? Tiger’s private jet made a quick, overnight layover in Austria on his way to the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship last week. It just so happened that Vonn was in Austria at the time.

In my opinion, Tiger’s personal life is his business. I just can’t help but find it comical that someone who was supposedly soooo in love with his ex-wife, and had been with her less than a month ago, is dating someone right now, and let it go public. If Tiger were as in love with his ex as he says, once he realized there was a good chance they might get back together, he would’ve kicked any girlfriends he had to the curb.

Stay tuned, as I’m sure there are many more twists and turns yet to come with this one.

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