Does Golf Have a Drug Problem?

By joshuaherb
Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

Today we found out the PGA Tour officially has a drug problem, a massive issue that threatens to engulf the entire sport and ruin the gentlemanly game we all love so much. While golf is trying to eliminate the huge advantage obtained by the defiant few who dare use the long putter, there was a bigger issue growing deep in the shadows, swelling, with ramifications none of us could have ever imagined! The scandal, lies, deer antler spray and Vijay Singh? Huh?

Okay, so maybe golf doesn’t have a drug problem. When your big drug scandal involves a player who barely cracks the top 100 in the official world golf rankings, and has been spraying himself with deer antler spray, you have a problem that involves a drug, but not a drug problem. Nobody in the PED version of Clue had Vijay Singh with the deer antler spray in the seedy anti-aging clinic.

As far as PED stories go, the PGA tour–at least for now–can be happy that the bigger names in their sport have stayed completely clean. Of course, the tour just started testing four years ago and they only test urine, but you can’t get through one clubhouse in baseball with that program without having a major problem. So kudos golf, you have that going for you.

The question now is: should Singh be suspended? The Fijian golfer is known for hitting ninety jabillion balls every day and he does all his homework and eats all his vegetables. If you are the PGA, he is probably the last guy you want to punish. Initially my answer to the question of suspension was a resounding no. It irks me that the PGA gets to swoop in and provide swift and furious justice when their drug program did nothing to catch the player cheating. I know he admitted to it and it’s against the rules but, come on, it’s deer antler spray! He must have just made a mistake.

Then I found out the PGA tour issued a warning not to use a specific substance in August 2011. Want to guess what that substance was? Deer antler spray! Come on, Vijay! He knew exactly what he was doing was wrong and he did it anyway. They said don’t and he didn’t listen. Singh thought he could beat the system and he got busted.

The PGA tour needs to make an example, as lame as it is, and move on, hoping this is the most high profile dance it has with the hairy, back acne having, overly-muscular lady of the night. If the culture of fame of sports has taught us anything, we know this may just be the tip of the antler.

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