Rory McIlroy’s Withdraw From Honda Classic is Inexcusable

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Rory McIlroy is the world’s number one player, a guy who kids look up to and a player whose talent is coveted by players across the globe.

McIlroy has it all going for him: a new multi-million dollar per year endorsement deal with Nike, a beautiful girlfriend who happens to be a professional tennis player, and all of this at age 23!  Rory is beloved by golf fans everywhere, but his actions at the Honda Classic today were nothing short of ridiculous.

After playing his first eight holes in seven over par, McIlroy rinsed two balls into the water on his ninth hole, picked up his gear and walked off the course. According to reports, McIlroy complained of a sore wisdom tooth that was hurting his concentration.

That’s right, before he had even completed nine holes the world’s best and arguably most popular player simply quit.

Did McIlroy even begin to think about the consequences of his actions on Friday?  Did he happen to realize the millions of dollars sponsors were throwing at him just to show up and finish the 18 holes?  Did he consider the young aspiring golfers who idolize him?

McIlroy has embarrassed his sponsors, himself, and the game of golf as a whole.  When things aren’t going well, you can’t just throw in the towel Rory.  Stand up and face your problems like a man, don’t fake a toothache and run home crying to mommy.

Any mid-round withdraw requires a medical reason for the PGA to honor it, and McIlroy’s excuse was a sore tooth.

A sore tooth?  Are you kidding me?  Pop an ibuprofen and get over yourself Rory.  You were hacking it around and it wasn’t any fun, I understand.  But to walk off the course, drive away and then tell the public that your tooth hurt is downright cowardly.

I think Rory said it best himself.

“I’m just in a bad place mentally.”

Really Rory?  What tipped you off?

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