The Golf Boys Are At It Again

By Carl Conrad
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Look out world. The Golf Boys are at it again. The PGA Tour pop music supergroup has released their second official music video, this time for their (sure to be hit) song “2.Oh”. For those of you not familiar with the group, it consists of professional golfers Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan. Their first release, “Oh, Oh, Oh” was a viral sensation, and their newest venture is sure to follow suit.

It’s things like this that are starting to slowly change the perception of golf as a snobby, boring, elitist endeavor. Members of this new, younger generation of golfers are not afraid to interact with their fans, whether it’s through social media or across the ropes at an event. They are able to show the world that just because they hit a little ball around a field for a living, that they’re not afraid to have fun and make fools out of themselves from time to time.

Whether or not you think these guys should quit their day jobs in the hopes of becoming music superstars, you have to give them credit for doing this. In a world where most professional athletes maintain the status quo, these four young, prominent golfers are not afraid to do something quirky. They’re not afraid to show their personalities. For that they should be applauded. I’ll let you decide if their musical ability (or lack thereof, perhaps) should also be applauded.

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