Vijay Singh Still in Limbo Waiting for Decision on His Use of Deer Antler Spray

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Since the news broke at the end of January that Vijay Singh had been using the infamous deer antler spray, “The Big Fijian” has done his best to distance himself from the media. Singh was approached after completing his first round at the Tampa Bay Championship and asked if he would answer a few questions, to which he gave a quick “no comment” response. When told that the questions would be about his two under par first round and nothing else, Singh did not acquiesce.

Singh is currently is a very bizarre state of purgatory, with a possible suspension by the PGA Tour looming for over a month now. At the same time, there could very well be no repercussions from his use of the deer antler spray. At this point, nobody knows. And even if the big wigs at the Tour headquarters do know what their decision is, they’re not speaking about it either. “There’s no time urgency here,” Tim Finchem stated last month. “If action is taken, it’ll be reported. If no action is taken, it won’t be reported, and that’ll be the end of that. I’m not concerned about that.”

The lack of urgency on the part of the tour is disheartening to a point. There could be progress being made behind the scenes that we simply aren’t aware of. I really hope that is the case, because leaving Singh in a state of limbo isn’t fair.

According to the anti-doping policy, if the Tour does decide to discipline Singh, the punishment could include “loss of results, points and prize money from the date the antidoping rule violation was found to occur forward.” Essentially what that means is that if Singh is found guilty, he could be forced to forfeit any results and subsequent prize money he has earned since he was found to have begun doping.

For everyone involved, I can only hope that this matter gets resolved quickly so that Singh can move on without this black cloud over his head. If he’s guilty, find him guilty and dole out a punishment. If he’s innocent, let him move on.

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