Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Are All About The Money

By Shahab Khan
Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn

Rumors have been widespread over the past few weeks that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been an item. Both camps neither acknowledged or denied the gossip and let the media come up with their own answers.

Yesterday, out of nowhere, the superstars of the golf and skiing world came out with their relationship in public. The couple did it in the most juvenile of ways, posting Facebook pictures of the two posing for professional photographers.

I have no opinion on the relationship itself. It doesn’t bother me who dates who, who sleeps with whom and what people do in the private lives. I don’t care they announced it or not. Woods has rebounded lately and his game is slowly coming back. Vonn is recuperating from a serious injury and hopes to get back in shape in time for the next Olympics. That is all I care about.

There is one thing that bothers me about the pictures. We all now understand at how contrived Woods’ life was. We saw the public image of a hard working all-American kid doing good, but we never knew what was behind the curtain. We realized that his life was all a lie, and that his own camp and public relations specialists had made us believe in a fake Woods.

That is what this picture is to me. Forget about the Sears-wannabe photograph. Look closely at the picture and even the other pictures the couple posted — the sponsors must be thrilled: Woods’ shirt carefully but not outwardly displays the Nike logo, while Vonn’s discretely shows the Under Armour emblem.

Woods and his team are back at it again. They are using every opportunity to plug the logo and cash in. They have now dragged the glamorous Vonn into their web, and she is doing the same with her sponsor. This picture is contrived and sadly, this makes me believe their relationship is as well.

There is nothing worse than someone who is fake, and Woods has been found to be fake. He is trying to make a comeback in terms of golf and more importantly, for his bank account in terms of the media. He has spun his web of deceit too many times for me not to believe that he has now brought in Vonn to help him.

What does Vonn get out of this?

Her career is threatened by her injury. She needs to use her glamorous looks to keep her fifteen minutes of fame going. There is no better way than being in a relationship with the one-time most hated athlete in America (Woods has Lance Armstrong to thank for knocking him out of that spot). Vonn sees a way to set herself up for the rest of her life.

Woods sees a way to get back into the mainstream media. Soon, you will see him attending award functions with Vonn and weaseling himself back into the fans’ hearts and minds. This, for both, is purely a money play.

We have seen this done many times all with varying results as so-called stars try to keep themselves in the spotlight or try to hide their true selves. Tom Cruise did this with Katie Holmes, and both their careers progressed.

Now Woods and Vonn are doing the same. The media will fall over themselves and continue to stroke both their egos until another, newer, younger, hipper couple comes forward. To think that at one time, Vonn was linked to NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

We will see soon enough if her decision pays off, literally.

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