Phil Mickelson Responds to “Dumbass” Question

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Mickelson is by far one of the biggest fan favorites on the PGA Tour. He’s not pretentious and seems to be a sincerely nice guy. Mickelson does like to keep as much of his personal life out of the public eye as possible, but is aware that because of his status, some things being publicized are inevitable. He does the best he can to make all of things positive, however.

Even though he can be guarded about what he says at times, he also has a tendency to say what he thinks. Professional athletes are often asked all manner of questions – ranging from the mundane and repetitive to the absolutely asinine – and they have to do their best to answer them respectfully and without seeming bored to tears.

Sometimes, however, they just can’t help coming back with a quick retort, if for no other reason than to entertain themselves. Mickelson was giving Steve Sands of the Golf Channel a bit of a ribbing during the Wednesday Pro-Am portion of the Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by Mastercard when he revealed one of the stupidest questions he’s ever been asked. Mickelson also didn’t hesitate to make his feeling about the question very definitive and succinct.

For the video of the exchange, check out the video below. Sands must be thanking the golfing gods that someone else asked Mickelson a question that he found even more ridiculous than the one Sands asked about Julius Erving, who Phil played with earlier in the year.