Yes, “Dufnering” Is Now a Thing

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Jason Dufner. He already catches a ton of heat for often looking like he is completely uninterested in what he’s doing. And yes, that goes for when he’s on the golf course as well. Now that a picture has surfaced of him sitting on the floor of a grade school during a charity event in Texas completely zoned out, it’s created the newest internet craze. And it’s called “Dufnering”

“Just caught me at a perfect time,” Dufner said. “The funny thing about it is the photo taken represents how I act all the time. It was a sheer moment of ‘Jason Dufner’ by whoever captured the moment for the 30 seconds I checked out.”

Of course all of his buddies from the PGA Tour have taken to social media to participate in the newest fad that has replaced “Tebowing” and “Griffining”. Photos from pro golfers have been flooding social media sites. These are just a few of the hundreds of photos that have been blowing up as of late. The craze was also trending on Twitter.

For all of the flack I’m sure he’s taken for this, Dufner seems to be taking it very well. He’s even posted some self -deprecating photos of himself Dufnering. It’s good that he is taking this all with a grain of salt and is able to see the humor behind it.

I refuse to call this a phenomenon, but whatever Dufnering is just goes to show how quickly social media allows things to take on a life of their own. I’m just glad Dufner is being a good sport about the whole situation, otherwise it could be pretty awkward.

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