Masters 2013: Tiger Woods has the Most to Lose

By Taylor Sturm

If you ask anyone who the best golfer in the world is, a vast majority of people will say Tiger Woods. Finally ranked No. 1 in the world again, Woods is the favorite for the 2013 Masters and could gain much-needed momentum for the rest of the year with a win in Augusta. However, an early exit could see Woods spiral into another disappointing year.

Woods has been playing well so far in 2013 but, as he has shown in recent years, sometimes he starts to slip after a disappointing loss. The Masters could be that loss, and Woods needs a good run. He does not have to win the whole tournament, but a respectable finish would give him much-needed confidence.

He cannot get frustrated if he doesn’t play well early in the tournament. The Masters is a long tournament that requires absolute mental focus the entire time. Woods must stick to his game plan even when it seems to not be working or his stroke seems off; frustration is just as dangerous to a golfer as lack of focus is.

If Woods wins the Masters, it will be safe to say that he’s back. However, the field is extremely talented this year, and one small mental slip-up could mean the difference from continuing to the next round and an early, disappointing exit. If Woods can make it to the third or even final round, he can win the whole thing. He just has to stay focused, because there is a lot more than just a green jacket on the line this time around.

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