Masters 2013: Will Augusta Ever Open Their Course to the LPGA?

Paula Creamer

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

This has been a question on golf fans’ minds for years; will the LPGA will ever be allowed on Augusta National Golf Club? This is where The Masters is played annually. The best answer is “In time” since this year the Ricoh Women’s British Open will be the second time it will be held at the Old Course at St. Andrews, which is considered the birthplace of golf. If the women can play there, they should be allowed anywhere for a tournament regardless of what prejudices still exist, which are many, especially in the world of golf.

As a person who knows these ladies fairly well, they can bring the lumber just like of the men regardless if it’s the technology or their naturally given abilities. While it’s unlikely that men and women will ever play side by side, due to several differences not just course lengths.One major difference is that it’s a slower play of golf than men, but women’s golf is also a different game than the men as it seems like every tournament it’s about shot shaping more so than the men it seems like sometimes who can boom the longest drive.

As an avid supporter of the LPGA and a volunteer at the Wegmans LPGA Championship for the last 14 years, there should be a women’s event played at Augusta National. At worst it makes the golf club more money for another prestigious event from fan attendance, and at best it becomes a public relations dream for the LPGA when the first event does happen there.

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