Top 10 Golfers Who Have Never Won The Masters

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Rory McIlroy

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The Masters is one of the greatest golf tournaments in the world. There are those, myself included, that think it is the best tournament of the year. The azaleas, Amen Corner, the lack of advertising and the unofficial start of the serious golf season, these are the things that make the Masters so special to me and many others. Then there are those that were never able to win a Green Jacket and probably could do without Augusta National. It is those people that this list will focus on.

One of the best current players who has never won is Rory McIlroy, he of the epic meltdown on Sunday in 2011. He is young though and still has plenty of time to rectify the situation, so he really wasn't considered for the list. Of course, there are plenty of others since only 47 different golfers have won the Masters.

Some of the players on the list came close but failed down the stretch. Others never even came close at all. While still others were simply past their prime when the Masters came around in 1934. Most of them have won other majors and just never topped the leaderboard at Augusta.

So while we wait for the 2013 drama to unfold, let's take a look at the best players who never won the first major of the season. If you disagree with my choices, I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments section. As always hit them long and hit them straight.

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10. Colin Montgomerie

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As much talent as he had, the grumpy Scotsman Colin Montgomerie never won a major. He finished second five times in majors, but never finished higher than eighth at The Masters.

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9. Johnny Miller

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Johnny Miller placed second at The Masters three times, but never was able to top the leaderboard. He did win one U.S. Open and British Open, though.

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8. Nick Price

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Nick Price won three majors during his great career, but never the Masters. His best finish was fifth place in 1986.

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7. Peter Thomson

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Peter Thomson won five British Open titles, but never got a Green Jacket. He played in the tournament only seven times in his career.

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6. Harry Vardon

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Harry Vardon won the U.S. Open and six British Open championships. Unfortunately, he never got a change to play in the Masters because he was 63 when the first one was played in 1934.

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5. Ernie Els

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The Big Easy, Ernie Els, has four major titles to his name, but he has never won The Masters. He has two second place finishes as well as four other top-10s.

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4. Greg Norman

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Greg Norman has had many painful close calls at the Masters. He has three second place finishes to his name, but no Green Jacket.

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3. Lee Trevino

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Winner of six major titles, Lee Trevino never came close at Augusta. His best finish was tenth in both 1975 and 1985.

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2. Walter Hagen

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Walter Hagen played in just four Masters in his career. He still won 11 major titles in his incredible career.

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1. Bobby Jones

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The founder of Augusta National, Bobby Jones, played in his tournament just 12 times. His best finish was in the very first one where he came in 13th place.