Why Rory McIlroy Can Overcome Poor 2013 to Win Masters

By Taylor Sturm
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 Masters begin on Thursday, April 11, in Augusta, Georgia. Among the major story lines of the tournament will be Rory McIlroy attempting to reclaim the top spot overall in the world’s golf rankings. McIlroy hasn’t been as spectacular in 2013 as he has been in recent years, but everything is falling into place for him to go to Augusta and win.

Tiger Woods has helped McIlroy out more than anyone realizes. When Woods overtook McIlroy for first place overall in the world golf rankings, he took the pressure off of him. McIlroy proved that pressure got to him so far in 2013. Golf requires just as much mental focus as it does physical skill, and Woods taking the pressure off of him will let McIlroy play his game and focus.

Just because all the eyes will be on Woods in the 2013 Masters, does not mean that he is the favorite to win the tournament. He is just as sporadically good as he has been the past two or three years. If there is one thing that McIlroy is the best at in the world, it is being consistent. He rarely ever leaves the top-10, even when he plays poorly in tournaments.

McIlroy can win the 2013 Masters if he stays focused; it is as simple as that. He has the talent, the skill and the mental ability to play through the first rounds and then finish strong. Expect big things from McIlroy in the 2013 Masters, because it’s time he wins another major title.

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