Why Rory McIlroy's Poor Start Will Cost Him the 2013 Masters

By Taylor Sturm
Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

It is finally time for the most important tournament in golf. On Thursday, April 11, the Masters begins in Augusta, Georgia. The field is far more open than it has been in a long time with the best players in the world coming to try and win the green jacket. Rory McIlroy will have all the pressure on him after recently being overtaken for No. 1 golfer in the world by a resurgent Tiger Woods.

Woods, Phil Mickleson, Steve Stricker and the rest of the best golfers in the world are all gunning for McIlroy. He cannot let the pressure of a big stage get to him and lose. There is very little room for error and, as he has shown throughout 2013, he is not playing his best golf game.

Golf at a professional level is all about confidence and momentum. Woods showed us that the past few years as he went from losing countless tournaments to respectable finishes to finally winning again.

McIlroy has not looked confident in his past few outings, and he needs to focus and play his game. McIlroy has to start winning again soon if he wants to retake the No. 1 spot from Woods and the Masters is part of the process. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen in the 2013 Masters.

McIlroy has all the potential to win the 2013 Masters, but his competition is too talented and competitive. Expect Woods, Stricker, or Mickleson to be the winner this year and McIlroy to finish lower than expected.

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