5 Reasons Why Golf Needs Tiger Woods to Win the 2013 Masters

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Reasons Why Golf Needs Tiger Woods to Win

2013 Masters
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The 2013 Masters starts tomorrow and there are many headlines heading into the first major of the year. Last year’s winner Bubba Watson will be looking to repeat. However, Tiger Woods is off to a fast start to the 2013 season. He has won three of the five competitions he has entered and is on a two event win streak.

The golf world and the PGA tour need Woods to win the 2013 Masters. His career hit the rough for a few years, but 2013 has been off to a nice start. Because of the fast start, Woods is now back where he has been often: No. 1 in the world rankings. We will see if Woods can keep up his hot streak going in and find his first major victory since the 2008 U.S. Open Championship.

When Woods’ career declined so did golf's following and television viewership. If Woods wins this weekend, television ratings will be through the roof. People who hate Woods will tune in to root against him, and others will root on the face of the golf. He might not be the face of golf right now, but Woods was, and his season this year seems to have him headed back in that direction.

People will also tune into the Masters as Woods continues to chase Jack Nicklaus’ major victories record. Check out why golf needs Woods to win the 2013 masters.

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Televsion Ratings Will Be Higher

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It is a known fact. If Tiger Woods is in contention on Sunday, then more people will be watching. The Masters tournament is no exception. With Woods leading after 54 holes, many will tune in to watch Woods and the rest of the field.

Woods draws the crowds at the course and on television. Look for very high television ratings if he is in contention while wearing his famous Sunday red shirt.

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Other Tournaments Will Be Popular

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If Woods wins the 2013 Masters Tournament, then the rest of the events with Tiger in the field will be more popular.

It is a known fact that Tiger Woods draws crowds. Golf needs this and can get this if Tiger wins the Masters.

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Woods' Major Victory Drought Will Be Over

Major victories,
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The 2008 US Open was the last time Woods won a major victory. It is time that the drought ends. It is time that Woods proves once and for all that his success this season isn't a fluke.

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Tiger Woods Will Be Back in A Green Jacket

Tiger Woods
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With a win at Augusta National, Woods will be back in a green jacket. The last time he won a green jacket at Augusta was in 2005. It has been too long. The green jacket will go nice with his others, and matches his red shirt. No one looks better in a Masters green jacket than Woods.

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Tiger Will Be Closer to Jack Nicklaus' Major Victories record

Jack Nicklaus
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Jack Nicklaus has 18 major victories and Woods has been stuck at 14 for almost five years. If Woods keeps on this season's hot streak, he will be one major closer to Nicklaus' record. Since his last major in 2008, everyone has been wondering if Woods can catch Nicklaus. I think he still can, and he will be one step closer if he wins the 2013 Masters.