Masters 2013 TV Times, Schedule and Coverage for First Round is Ridiculous

By Jeff Shull
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Masters 2013 is well under way, and as I’m typing this Tiger Woods has done well for himself so far. He’s -1 after seven holes which is pretty good for this tough Augusta course. The problem I have is that I haven’t been able to watch any of it.

For some reason, it’s tradition at Augusta for there to be limited coverage of the first round on Thursday. Coverage doesn’t even start until 11 am ET and then it’s either watching guys practice on the range on CBS Sports Network or watching interviews on Golf Network. ESPN saves the day with four hours of coverage starting at 3 pm ET, but by then most golfers have finished their round. Basically, the most interesting part of the first round is off limits to everyone who isn’t there.

I get traditions, believe me. I attended Texas A&M University, pretty well known for some of the wacky yet awesome traditions its students carry out that have lasted decades.

But this is one tradition I can’t get behind. I love golf. I play it frequently and when the biggest tournament of the year is on, I want to watch it. I just don’t get why we get coverage of the final three rounds but not the first one. If you’re going to block one round, why not have limited coverage for all four rounds? You can barely call it a “tradition” when they only limit the first round and get all the revenue and TV dollars from the final three rounds.

Do us all a favor, collect the money you’d get from the first round and give us something to watch. I’m being bored to sleep watching Roy McIlroy on the driving range.

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