Vijay Singh's Lawsuit Against the PGA Tour Makes Him Look Like a Petulant Child

By Carl Conrad

Apparently Vijay Singh isn’t familiar with the concept of leaving well enough alone. Within one week of being exonerated by PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem in the seemingly never-ending deer antler spray probe, Singh is now suing the Tour for the manner in which they handled the investigation.

Not only does this take stones the size of his native Fiji to even contemplate a lawsuit of this nature, but to make the announcement during the week of The PLAYERS Championship – one of the biggest events of the season – and in his own hometown is practically unfathomable.  His suit alleges that the Tour violated its duty of care and good faith by exposing him to “public humiliation and ridicule for months.”

First, Singh wouldn’t be in this position if he hadn’t used deer antler spray and then subsequently admitted to using deer antler spray in an interview. I will concede the fact that the Tour committed myriad blunders in the way in which they handled the situation, but I don’t see how suing them and announcing the suit at this moment in time benefits anyone. The only logical explanation for the timing of this announcement is that Singh wanted to give a big middle finger to the Tour. And he has definitely succeeded at doing just that.

Singh clearly feels wronged, as is evidenced by some of the statements that he has made. “I am proud of my achievements, my work ethic, and the way I live my life,” Singh said. “The PGA Tour not only treated me unfairly, but displayed a lack of professionalism that should concern every professional golfer and fan of the game.” I totally understand what Singh is saying, but this suit just makes him look like a petulant child determined to get revenge.

Stay tuned, because I have a feeling this situation is going to get progressively worse before it starts to get better.

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