Johnny Miller Weighs In On Rory McIlroy's Struggles

By Carl Conrad
Rory McIlroy Johnny Miller
Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to Johnny Miller. Apparently he has the all the answers, even if nobody is asking him questions. This time, Miller has added his two cents as to why he feels Rory McIlroy has struggled in 2013. When asked about what he feels is to blame for McIlroy’s inconsistent play this year, Miller didn’t waste any time responding. “I think he’s in love for the first time,” Miller said. “It’s a wonderful feeling, and it’s distracting.” Essentially, Miller is blaming the Ulsterman’s relationship with Caroline Wozniacki for his failure to win or play consistently this year.

Miller then made sure that he gave an answer that at least had something to do with golf. “I would say it’s one thing to change your driver or wedge, but you’re asking for huge trouble when you change all your clubs and your golf ball at the same time.” I am inclined to agree much more with the second part of Miller’s answer than the first. Golf is, indeed, a mental game, but t

To start, how do we know that this is the first time McIlroy has been in love? And why do we care? As a professional athlete he should be able to manage his emotions and not allow them to impact his performance. McIlroy has also been in this relationship for several months now, so he certainly should have been able to adjust to life as a man in love.

At this point the reasons that McILroy is struggling really don’t matter. What matters is that he gets things turned around.

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