2013 British Open Player Profile: Luke Donald

By briancarroccio

Luke Donald has done alright for himself.

In fact, the 35-year-old English golfer has netted $42,727,068 in career earnings on the PGA Tour. Yes, that is just the PGA Tour.

Now, if you add the additional another 15,440,814 pounds Sterling from the European Tour, we’re talking even more dough. According to Google’s exchange rate calculator, Donald’s European earnings equal about $23,500,918.

So, by my math, Donald is somewhere north of $66 million dollars in career earnings, from the PGA and European Tours combined. While the number does not include sponsorships, businesses or earnings from other worldwide tours, it’s probably safe to say: Luke Donald lives a little better than your average Rant Sports blogger.

Although, it should be noted, both have the same amount of major championships.

Yes, despite being one of the more successful players of the past few years, having recorded 14 professional wins, Donald has not yet scored a major championship victory. Considering his stellar play in recent years, the questions regarding when Donald will in fact breakthrough are starting to increase. And Donald makes for something of a difficult case study.

Now, to be fair, the notion of Donald gallivanting the globe, cherry-picking easy tournaments and piling up the cash is not fair. Donald’s relative lack of distance off the tee, and somewhat reserved demeanor have often been cited as indications of a player willing to settle for a nice finish and big payday.

Donald has admitted that attempts to become more of a big-hitter threw his swing out-of-whack. And in fairness, whatever Donald’s strengths, driving distance is not one of them.

Of course, putting is. Donald made a mind-blowing 90 percent of putts within 10 feet in 2012.

The question with Donald is, whether his elite putting can anchor a major championship run, or does it simply compensate for other deficiencies in his game? In other words, does Donald’s putting keep allowing him to contend in instances, where he otherwise wouldn’t? For example, Donald has regularly contended in majors, scoring nine top-10 finishes, at least one in each major.

As for this weekend, Donald has not performed any better in The Open compared to other majors, so there is nothing strongly indicating this will be the weekend.

Still, at 35, the clock is beginning to tick. And whether Donald has the all around game to breakthrough on golf’s biggest stage, or whether he simply has a game good enough to always contend, will soon be answered.

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