Phil Mickelson Stealing the Show This Season With British Open Victory

By Trevor Lowry
Phil Mickelson
Paul Cunningham-USA TODAY Sports

Although the PGA Tour season seems to never end, there is definitely a start and finish to it. At the start of this year’s season, Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods were clearly the two best players in golf and so much was expected out of them. However, with a British Open victory, Phil Mickelson is stealing the show this season.

Mickelson had a great final round, posting a 66, which resulted in his first Open Championship win ever. He is currently on top of his game and a victory this open is evident of that.

Mickelson also managed to finish in second place at the U.S. Open this year–of course.

Woods gets a lot more press than Lefty. That is a no-brainer. However, Mickelson quietly stole the show this weekend when all eyes were on Woods winning one more major and getting that much closer to Jack Nicklaus.

Woods has had a great season in his own right, he just can’t seem to win a major. Who knows what is going through McIlroy’s head at this point, but it can’t be good–didn’t even make the cut this tourney.

Golf definitely does not have a cap on age limit and Mickelson is proving that at the age of 43. He is playing as good as ever and it would not be a surprise if he won the last major of the year. Until then, this PGA Tour season has become more about Mickelson and less about Rory and Tiger–at least for the time being.

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