Phil Mickelson Crowned British Open Champion; Will He Ever Win US Open, Complete Career Grand Slam?

By Marilee Gallagher
Leo Mason – USA TODAY Sports

After Phil Mickelson played one of the finest final rounds of golf in his career, shooting a 66, 5-under par for the day and 3-under par for the tournament, the revered and beloved golfer embraced his wife and daughter and then went to the clubhouse to sign his scorecard.

It was there that Mickelson was pulled aside for an interview and asked about his great day on the course, namely his clutch putting on the final three holes of the day.

While the interview was conducted without anything out of the ordinary, it was Mickelson’s closing comments that will probably resound the most, especially now that he has won his first ever Open Championship.

The 43-year-old golfer, who owns a PGA Championship, three Masters Crown and now the British Open, was asked about how it would feel to join a select group of golfers to win three of the four majors. And he simply responded, “And if six second place finishes counted, I’d have them all.”

As happy as Mickelson must be to have added another major to his collection, it is obvious that being the US Open‘s eternal second must still be weighing on him.

One second-place finish is bad enough, but to have an incredible six in one particular tournament is almost inconceivable. He has had close calls, amazing opportunities and chances. He has had fate on his side, and yet, Mickelson, whether it be a final round collapse or someone else just having a better day, has not yet been able to hoist that one trophy.

But now that he has has won the British Open, will Mickelson finally be able to overcome his inability to win the US Open? Will he finish the year and enter into the next with renewed confidence and determination? Will he finally enter the Promised Land where so few golfers have been, winners of each of the major championships?

That all remains to be seen, but if any golfer ever deserved to or was so determined to finally overcome the demon that has been the US, it would be Lefty. And no doubt, the world is going to be watching, hoping to see it happen.

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