Blayne Barber Disqualifies Himself Once Again for Submitting Incorrect Scorecard

By Carl Conrad
Blayne Barber Disqualified
Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

There seems to be some higher power intent on doing everything it can to make Blayne Barber miserable. Last year in Q-School, Barber disqualified himself after an incident involving a piece of foliage in a bunker – a week after the incident occurred. This week, Barber once again removed himself from competition at the Mylan Classic on the Tour after he signed an incorrect scorecard.

His round was over and the scorecard was signed and submitted. After he left the area where he returned his card, Barber realized that he turned in and signed an incorrect card. He put himself down for a birdie at the 16th hole when, in reality, he had a par on the hole. The card he turned in was for a six under par 65 on the round. It should have indicated that he carded a 66. Since he signed an incorrect card, Barber was disqualified – and had to suffer heartbreak once again.

“To be honest, I don’t know what emotions I’m going through right now,” Barber said. “I looked (the card) over and didn’t see it … Somehow I missed that one on 16.” I’m still trying to figure out whether these two incidents are simply bad luck of if they are a direct result of carelessness – maybe it’s both. You’d think that after one incident Barber would be absolutely positive that his card is correct before it gets submitted.

It’s not easy to break through to the PGA Tour and Barber is by no means helping himself. Hopefully the kid learns his lesson soon and doesn’t have to endure any more mishaps like this in the future.

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