Tiger Woods Did Not Win A Major This Year, But Season Not A Complete Loss

By Trevor Lowry
Tiger Woods
Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods is stuck on 14. Once again, he did not win a major tournament this year and he will have to wait quite a while before he can try and do so. However, not winning a major this year does not mean that his season was a complete loss.

Woods has still won five PGA tournaments on the year. That is solid and most golfers would be ecstatic if they could pull that off. He has also been at the top of the FedEx standings for quite awhile now. Although golf’s playoffs do not seem to be as exciting as any of the four majors, the best golfers in the world still battle it out for the Cup.

The biggest thing that Woods has accomplished this golf season is taking over as the No. 1 golfer in the world. Although he cannot seem to win a major, he clearly is the best golfer in the world still and that will be the case for a long time.

Luckily, Woods does not seem to be slowing down, unless if we are talking about majors. He is currently 37 years old and golf has a very long shelf life. Who knows how long he will play, but it could be for a very long time if he chooses so.

Although it seems like we only focus on Tiger winning his 15th major, it will happen sooner than later. Him not winning one this golf season is very disappointing, but it happens. Some golfers–probably most–never win a major. Woods has 14 and he is still right on Jack Nicklaus‘ tail.

Just give it some time and Woods will finally win a major once again. In the meantime, though, in no way was the season a complete loss–still a lot of golf has to be played also.

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