NHL Star Claude Giroux Injures Himself Playing Golf

By Carl Conrad
Claude Giroux Golf Injury
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t tell NHL star Claude Giroux that hockey is more dangerous than golf. The captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, who just recently signed a big contract extension, will be out of commission for a month and half thanks to an injury sustained on the golf course.

The team released a statement explaining what happened and gave the timetable for his return. “Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux had successful surgery this afternoon on his right index finger performed by Dr. Katherine Boyd at the Ottawa Civic Hospital in Ottawa, Canada. Giroux was golfing today when his golf club shattered and splintered into his index finger.  Although there were no broken bones, there was some damage to his extensor tendons in his finger.  He is expected to have a full recovery in 5-6 weeks.”

Giroux shed a little further light on the situation in a statement made to a local news outlet. “It was just a freak thing,” he said. “I was taking a swing and my club hit a little behind the ball. The shaft of the club shattered, but my hand kept going on the swing and the shattered part went right into my finger.”

You would think that a guy that just signed an eight year contract extension worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $66 million would be able to afford clubs that won’t shatter on him. Hell, I’ll sell him my gently used sticks if he wants them. On the other hand, maybe the club just couldn’t withstand the pressure exerted by such an elite athlete.

Either way, I’m sure the Flyers and their fans are glad that the injury happened now and not in the middle of the season.

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